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Italy Regional Measures – Sicilia – Ripresa in Sicilia

Ripresa in sicilia
ObjectiveStrengthen the competitiveness of the Sicilian entrepreneurial system and stimulate the repositioning of traditional sectors through the implementation of investments aimed at supporting growth and innovation, promoting processes of technology transfer and reconversion and redevelopment of production sites The budget is 36 million euros:
– 16 million euros from FSC 2021/2027;
– 20 million euros from the POC 2014/2020.  
TargetSmall and medium enterprises:
a) Individually (proposing company);
b) With the adhesion of other small and medium-sized enterprises (proposing enterprise with adhering enterprises);
– In this case the maximum number of adhering enterprises is 3.
Business activities admittedExpenditure programs of no less than 500,000 euros and no more than 5 million euros are eligible for the implementation of business projects integrated with research and development projects, in support of the industrialization of research results, for new technologies or innovative solutions in processes, products/services and organization
Max funding amountThe spending program is facilitated to a maximum of 75% with:
– A zero-interest loan;
– A non-refundable grant.
The co-financing of not less than 25% of the eligible expenditure program remains the responsibility of the beneficiary company.
Eligible expenses– Costs for planning and construction supervision (limit of 6% in masonry works);
– Building works and renovation costs (limit of 30%);
– Purchase of machinery, plant and equipment – expenses for specialized staff training (limit of 20%), necessary for the introduction of innovative; machinery/equipment/plants/software/technological solutions;
– Purchase of software/patents/licenses and technological solutions;
– Industrial research and experimental development;
– Specialist consultancy;
– Internationalization, marketing, e-business programs.
Facilitated Funding    
Managing BodyRegione Sicilia
Deadline for submissionUntil the funds run out
Modality for submissionOver the counter.
There are no tenders, deadlines or rankings and funding can be requested until the available resources are exhausted.
Submission To be determined
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