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“Crowdfunding is defined as the collecting of resources (funds, money, tangible goods, time) from the population at large through an Internet platform. In return for their contributions, the crowd can receive a number of tangibles or intangibles, which depend on the type of crowdfunding. Crowdfunding involves three participants: the crowd (or contributors); a crowdfunding platform; and the crowdfunding campaign creator.”

Understanding Crowdfunding and its Regulations, G. A. Gabison

Rest@rts capitalizes, among others, on the work implemented under the Interreg Med project entitled Blue Crowdfunding which was implemented during November 2019 – June 2022. Its purpose being the spread of information and knowledge about crowdfunding in order to make it more accessible to stakeholders involved. Within this framework, it delivered capacity-building training material and good practice exchange.

In this section of the Rest@rts Marketplace Platform, interested parties may utilise the material produced by the Blue Crowdfunding project partners, in specific download the “Risk & Mitigation Nuggets Info Sheets”, as well as the adopted training material.

Training Material

Download the training tool and material adopted under the Blue Crowdfunding project.
Click here.


Crowdfunding is an innovative and alternative way of funding projects. Overall, this practice serves for market-related purposes and has several benefits concerning the democratization of finance. Still, knowledge about alternative finance and digitalization is not developed enough, mostly in the MED area. This impedes a complete implementation of its specific procedures and a full appreciation of its positive effects.

The intention of these factsheets is to provide for an overview over the perceived or potential risks associated with crowdfunding, as well as to suggest precautions and mitigation solutions. All in all, they are meant to create awareness and support interested parties in implementing successful crowdfunding campaigns.

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