Reinforcing Med Microfinance Network System for Start-ups


  1. What are the existing microfinance measures in the country today? (indicate the number of measures)
TYPE OF MEASURE  MEASURE (indicate the names of the measures)
LOCAL (provincial, regional, municipal or equivalent territorial reality) 

B)     For each MEASURE ( to repeat for each measure)

Name/Title: Yiannos Georgiades
Name of responsible organization: KV KINISIS VENTURES FUND RAIF V.C.I.C. PLC  
Starting year2018End yearongoing
The founders of the Fund are business professionals  with international experience and expertise in enterpreneurialism, commercialization srategies and tactics, law, investment strategy etc. Launched with seven strong portfolio companies with significant USA and other international markets potential. First of its kind innovation CySec VC fund uniquely positioned to capitalize on the domestic and regional financing gap.

Our investment team leverages their USA business & investment insights and experience in picking companies and driving USA and international commercial growth.    Focus is on Cyprus innovative companies with the prospect of diferentiating, competing, and growing international markets such as the USA   The fund is sector agnostic but focuses on sectors in which our expert team of USA based advisors can guide the portfolio companies to faster commercialization and international growth opportunities.   The fund’s portfolio common thread is disruptive or category redefining technology and USA market scalability & relevancy.    
  1. What kind of activity does this measure finance?
Creation of new businesses  Yes
Strengthening of existing businesses  Yes
Specific investments – specify type (i.e. innovation, research, environmental transition, hiring, internationalization, purchase of goods)  Yes Innovation, Technology    
Training activities  No
Other (specify) 
  • What type of financing is it?
Low-interest loan (indicate the repayment time and, if present, the requirement for collateral)No  
Non-repayable grant (indicate the percentage of non-repayable fund)Yes If Yes, percentage of non-repayable fund: 100%
Tax credit 
Other (specify) 
  • How does the activation of the measure work?
One-stop meansYes
Call with closing date 
  • Financial entity of the measure (indicate the resources allocated)
Overall amount     
% facilitation for each recipient 
Minimum amount that can be financed 
Maximum amount that can be financedn/a  
Origin of financial resources (European, State, Regional authority, Municipal authority, other)European,other
  • Type of funded social structure (indicate if belonging to a specific category is required in order to access the measure)
 FemaleOver 50Unemployed (specify any type)Disadvantaged groups (specify type)Youth (specify age range)Other (specify)
  • Does the measure provide for accompaniment and training or only financial support?
Financial support + accompaniment/trainingYES
Only Financial support 
  • Is the measure considered a good practice and as such replicable in other national and / or international contexts?

C) How many initiatives have been financed in the last 3 years and for what economic amount?

Number of initiatives  Total economic amount  
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