Reinforcing Med Microfinance Network System for Start-ups

Palestine National Mesures – SMEs

Name of responsible organization: Palestine for Credit and Development (FATEN)
Starting year2015End year
Short description of the program 
Productive initiatives, projects, businesses, and organizations linked to many economic  sectors looking to expand their current initiatives. The product addresses both the new  polarized segments and current Faten customers.

What kind of activity does this Project finance?

Creation of new businessesYes 
Strengthening of existing businessesYes 
Specific investments – specify the type (i.e. innovation, research, environmental transition, hiring, internationalization, purchase of goods),We provide funding for all industries that provide products that include (Agriculture, Industry, Trading, Services, Tourism, and ITC). The funding could cover operating costs, fixed assets, working capital, new line productions, and operational  expenses.
Training activitiesYes. We can finance training activities. According to the type of loan and its intended use.

What type of financing is it?

Low-interest loan (indicate the repayment time and, if present, the requirement for collateral)Yes repayment time (years): Up to 5 years (The  repayment time depends on the purpose of the  loan).  The requirement for collateral: it is necessary to have two distinct types of guarantees, but only if the coverage rate is at  least 100% of the financing value, including  interest and insurance costs. The capacity of the project’s anticipated cash  flows to meet all of the borrower’s operating  requirements and the capacity to service the  debt.
Non-repayable grant (indicate the percentage of the non-repayable fund)Yes, 0%

How does the activation of the project work?

One-stop-shop  (physical or virtual), where the potential beneficiary can go whenever he/she wants.The beneficiary has three options for making  payments: in person at one of our branches,  online (through e-wallets, PayPal, Internet  banking), or by transferring money from another bank account into one of our bank accounts. Our 35 local branches serve more than 500  Palestinian cities, villages, and camps.
Call with closing date

Financial entity of the Project (indicate the resources allocated)

Overall amount40,321,360
% facilitation for each beneficiary 
Minimum amount that can be financed25,001 USD
Maximum amount that can be financed75,000 USD
Origin of financial resources (European, State, Regional Authority, Municipal authority, other)Local and foreign funders. Funds from Europe, Middle East, local banks or from the portfolio.

Type of funded social structure (indicate if belonging to a specific category is required in order to access the Project)

Female (MUST)Over 50UnemployedDisadvantaged groups Youth (18-24)Other (specify)
New IdeasYesYes18-35
SME/ Existing Businesses

Does the Project provide for accompaniment and training or only financial support?

Financial support + accompaniment/trainingYes
Only Financial support

How many initiatives have been financed in the last 3 years and for what economic amount?

Number of initiatives 1,117Total economic amount 52,126,845 USD

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