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ReSt@rt Lebanon: MFIs Cross Border Event – Tunisia / Lebanon

Delighted to announce that a Cross Border Meeting Event between Tunisian and Lebanese MFIs was successfully conducted on November 6 from 12 am till 2 pm. This initiative aimed to foster collaboration, knowledge exchange, and strengthen transnational connections within the microfinance sector of Tunisia and Lebanon.

The agenda covered the following topics:

An overview of the Lebanese MFI Sector and its challenges: Mrs. Ola Hariri – LMFA

How did the Tunisian microfinance sector overcome the challenges posed by the Tunisian crisis and successfully relaunch its services and support for SMEs and startups? Best Practices and Strategies – New Products development focusing on agrifood and green energy industry – Ways of getting new source of funding – Success Stories:

Tunisian’s Speakers

  • Welcome Note : Mr Hichem Elloumi ; GM – CCI SFAX
  • Mr. Mantasser Mamoud Mansour ;GM -Autorité de Contrôle de la MF -ACM (Microfinance Supervisory Authority); Mr Fraj Habieb , Manager
  • Mrs Sana Majdoub ; Regional Manager (Sfax et sahel) Enda Tamweel
  • Mrs Itidel Chaari, AGM – Taysir Microfinance
  • Mrs Fatma Aribi , Dar Al Macharii Attijari Bank
  • Mrs Yosr Bayar, Agence de Lobbing 

Lebsnese MFIs introduction by focusing on their main needs and wants.

Q&A between Tunisian and Lebanese MFIs

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