Reinforcing Med Microfinance Network System for Start-ups

ReSt@rts: Reaching New Targets in the Microfinance Study and Association Formation

It’s already been a year, since ReSt@rts project initiated its activities, as a capitalization project of MEDSt@rts, both funded by ENI CBC Programme. 
Chamber of Achaia in Western Greece, through MEDSt@rts, has significantly upscaled its knowledge in the Microfinance sector and successfully provided microfinance and business support services to 14 new businesses in Greece. Now it is using this knowledge and building on its experience to achieve in its appointed role within ReSt@rts project.

Now through ReSt@rts, along with the rest of the partners, Chamber’s project Team will update the results of MEDSt@rts, perform research, networking and advocacy with related stakeholders, to formalize a facilitation point that will offer all available financing solutions and business support services to new businesses.

The focus will be on the providers of these solutions and services, aiming to set up a common Association operating in the project area and being the point for new synergies and pilots that will eventually trigger the development of new policies in Med areas.
Achaia Chamber’s Team has already been familiarized with the objectives of ReSt@rts and is actively implementing the activities of the project. Following the project’s communication plan, the communication officers contributed to raising awareness about ReSt@rts.
Additionally, discussions and work on the content of the printed informative material have taken place, while at the same time cross-fertilization events are being scheduled to raise awareness of interested parties.
Finally, the team’s researcher has pulled out and is updating the data from Med Microfinance study v.1 of MEDSt@rts for Greece, and in collaboration with the involved partners to compile their data from Italy, Palestine, Lebanon, Cyprus and Tunisia and develop the 1st Draft of the “Mediterranean microfinance industry study 2.0” by the end of September. 

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