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ReSt@rts: Successful Design Thinking for Entrepreneurs Session in Palestine

The enlightening training session led by experienced master trainer Amal Aljojo was held on the 27th of August. Entrepreneurs and individuals gathered to benefit from her 5+ years of expertise, focusing on entrepreneurship, green economy, life skills, and employment.

Amal’s extensive experience includes collaborations with organizations such as MAAN Development Center, UCAS, NAWA for Cultures & Arts, among others. Her roles as a business development expert and startup mentor were highlighted, showcasing her contributions to refining strategies, creating business and marketing plans.

This enlightening session offered entrepreneurs a unique opportunity to embrace innovative problem-solving techniques. The exploration of Design Thinking methodologies encouraged participants to identify and address challenges creatively, leading to enhanced adaptability and competitiveness within the entrepreneurial landscape. Amal’s guidance undoubtedly left a lasting impact, equipping entrepreneurs with vital tools to navigate the complexities of modern business.

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