Reinforcing Med Microfinance Network System for Start-ups


FEDERTERZIARIO is a non-profit, Employers’ Organization that has been working alongside Small and Medium Enterprises in the service, industrial, commercial, agricultural and small business sectors and the self-employed sector in general for nearly 30 years.
FEDERTERZIARIO currently represents about 90,000 enterprises.
FEDERTERZIARIO has an organization structured in about 80 Territorial Associations that guarantee territorial coverage both in terms of representativeness and the spread of the Services offered.
FEDERTERZIARIO to date, has signed, actively participating in the consultation phase, 23 CCNL in the most diverse labor sectors, all characterized by three fundamental principles: flexibility, bilaterality, innovation and training.
FEDERTERZIARIO, which has always been able to rely on an efficient internal structure for planning and managing training, has trained 76,424 employees of member companies over time, supported 9,837 companies on training topics and implemented 2,729 Projects.

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