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Italian – Arab Chamber of Cooperation

The Italian-Arab Chamber of Cooperation was founded in 1972, with the aim of promoting economic cooperation and trade relations between Italy and Arab countries.

During the 50 years of activity the Chamber favored the internationalization of companies, offering them a framework of knowledge and information as well as specific technical and operational support, intended for both large and medium-sized companies and small and micro companies.

The relationships and multiple agreements with authorities and institutions, with research agencies and institutes, with business organizations and chambers of commerce are functional to this goal, as well as the collaboration agreements with Simest, Invitalia, business networks, banking and financial institutions.

The Chamber of Commerce is associated with large companies from the public and private sectors, medium and small companies, banks, Chambers of Commerce, organizations and associations.

The website offers information and databases, especially aimed at encouraging contacts and the development of trade and economic cooperation between Italy and the Arab countries.

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