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ObjectiveWith the PIA TOURISM it is possible to make investments in local units located/to be located in the territory of the Puglia Region concerning the tourism sector.  
TargetLarge companies, as defined in Annex I of Regulation (EU) no. 651/2014 of the Commission of 17 June 2014, under ordinary accounting regime, who has approved at least two financial statements at the date of submission of the application. Medium-sized enterprises, as defined in Annex I of Regulation (EU) no. 651/2014 of the Commission of 17 June 2014, under ordinary accounting regime, who has approved at least two financial statements at the date of submission of the application.Small-sized enterprises or single micro-enterprises in ordinary accounting regime, which at the date of sending the access request have approved at least three financial statements, from which emerge an average turnover of no less than 1 million euros.
Business Activities Alloweda. New tourist-hotel activities, through the physical and/or functional recovery of unfinished structures, legitimately started, intended for tourist-hotel activities;
b. Expansion, modernization and restructuring of existing tourist-hotel structures in order to raise the quality standards and/or classification;
c. Construction of tourist-hotel structures (including related services, in compliance with current legislation) with an accommodation capacity of no less than n. 7 rooms, pursuant to letter a) of paragraph 1 of art. 7 of the Regional Law n. 11 of 02/11/1999 through the consolidation and restoration and conservative rehabilitation of properties of artistic and historical interest for which, on the date of presentation of the access application, the declaration referred to in art. 13 of Legislative Decree no. 42 of 01/22/2004;
d. Consolidation, restoration and conservative rehabilitation of rural buildings, farms, trulli, towers, fortifications for the purpose of transforming the property into hotel structures (including related services, in compliance with current legislation) with an accommodation capacity of no less than n. 7 rooms.
And structures, systems or interventions through which the territorial tourist offer is improved with the aim of favoring the seasonal adjustment of tourist flows, such as:
I. Golf courses of at least 18 holes;
II. Improvement, expansion and construction of marinas and flying clubs;
III. Improvement, expansion and construction of sports infrastructure suitable for hosting national and international competitive events;
IV. Conference centers or auditoriums with a minimum capacity of 2,000 seats;
V. Initial installation and/or arrangement of a green area of ​​at least 100 hectares (also through the creation of cycle paths, equipped paths, sports routes, refreshment points, etc.) also publicly owned, the use of which is shared with the eventual Owner administration and/or the manager;
VI. Recovery of degraded and/or polluted urban areas to be used for the construction of accommodation, congress, sports, cultural and/or recreational facilities;
VII. Theme parks: structure conceived around a theme inspired by history, cinema, the environment and society;
VIII. Construction, improvement and expansion of buildings used permanently and continuously as a private theater where opera, drama, choreography and revue performances are presented to the public.
Max funding amountApplications for access must concern integrated projects with a total amount of expenses and eligible costs as follows:  
– LARGE COMPANIES between 3 million euros and 40 million euros
– MEDIUM ENTERPRISES between 2 million euros and 30 million euros
– SMALL ENTERPRISES between 1 million euro and 20 million euro
Eligible expenses and extent of benefits
  ITEMS OF EXPENDITUREActive Materials   Facilitations   (% of non-refundable grant) The aid in Tangible Assets cannot exceed 10 million Euros per company
preliminary feasibility studies within the limit of 1.5% of the total amount of eligible expenses and expenses for planning and construction supervision within the limit of 6% of the expenses for masonry and similar works35% MEDIUM ENTERPRISES 45% SMALL ENTERPRISES
purchase of company land and its development within the limit of 5% of the amount of the investment in tangible assets25% BIG COMPANIES 35% MEDIUM ENTERPRISES 45% SMALL ENTERPRISES

masonry and similar works
25% BIG COMPANIES 35% MEDIUM ENTERPRISES 45% SMALL ENTERPRISES (the company must demonstrate, through a detailed report, accompanied by probative documentation, that the absence of subsidies on these expenses, due to the technological and locational characteristics of the initiative, would affect its profitability and opportunities for innovation and development)
purchase of machinery, plant and various equipment (including furnishings and excluding easily perishable goods such as table linen, bathroom linen, bed linen, crockery and kitchen utensils), brand new25% BIG COMPANIES 35% MEDIUM ENTERPRISES 45% SMALL ENTERPRISES
purchase of patents, licences, know-how and non-patented technical knowledge, new product technologies and production processes, for the part in which they are used for the activity carried out in the production unit involved in the programme.25% BIG COMPANIES 35% MEDIUM ENTERPRISES 45% SMALL ENTERPRISES (For large companies, these costs also including computer programs are eligible for no more than 50% of the total eligible investment costs of the project)      
  ITEMS OF EXPENDITUREConsulting services Facilitations (% of non-refundable grant)   land subsidies for SME investments for the acquisition of Services may not exceed, regardless of the amount of the eligible investment, the following amounts:
I. 300 thousand Euros for the medium enterprise, 200 thousand Euros for the small enterprise and 2 million Euros for the integrated program for the acquisition of consultancy services pursuant to art. 65 of the regional regulation;
II. 100,000 euros per company for participation in trade fairs and 2 million euros for an integrated programme.
These thresholds are increased by 20% for companies that associate in the form of a business network and for companies that have obtained the legality rating.
EMAS certification from scratchISO 1400 certification from scratchECOLABEL certification from scratchfeasibility studies aimed at evaluating the economic advantages of the company deriving from the adoption of eco-efficient technological solutionsSA8000 certification from scratchInternationalization programsMarketing ProgramsInternationalE-BusinessParticipation in the fair45% FOR MEDIUM AND SMALL ENTERPRISES which can be raised to: 50% in the alternative case of:
– A legality rating;
– Membership in the business network;
– Increase in employment equal to at least 1 ULA for every 300,000 euro of contribution received or maintenance of the employment level at full capacity for a period of time longer than at least one year in addition to the three following the year at full capacity;
– Particular attention to female employment (with the achievement of 50% of women employed in at least one of the categories of workers employed in the year when fully operational and in the three subsequent years) or to the valorisation of human capital within the third year following the year after scheme;
– Implementation of sustainable production systems, in line with the principles of the circular economy, with a lasting and long-term impact (to be implemented within the third year following the one when fully operational)
Managing BodyPuglia Sviluppo 
Deadline for submissionThere are no deadlines as the measure is over the counter and funding can be requested until the available resources are exhausted.
Modality for submissionOne-stop shop
SubmissionApplications can be submitted exclusively online, through the web platform:
To submit the application it is necessary to have a SPID identity, a digital signature and a certified mail address (PEC). The application consists of the entrepreneurial project to be completed online and the documentation to be attached, according to the forms on the site.
Evaluation ProcessApplications are evaluated in chronological order.
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