Reinforcing Med Microfinance Network System for Start-ups

Italy Regional Measures – Puglia – Tecnonidi

ObjectiveThe measure is intended for small businesses which, in the Puglia region, intend to launch or develop investment plans with a technological content, the introduction of new production/service solutions for the economic valorisation of the results of acquired knowledge and of the activities of the system of public and private research in the areas of innovation identified.
TargetCompanies belonging to one of the following types can apply for the subsidy:
a) Duly established and registered in the register of innovative start-ups established pursuant to Legislative Decree 18 October 2012, no. 179, converted into Law no. 221 of 12/18/2012;
b) They have incurred research and development costs representing at least 10% of total operating costs in at least one of the three years preceding the granting of the aid or, in the case of a start-up without previous financial data, in the review accountant of the current financial year, as certified by an external auditor, or be able to demonstrate through an evaluation performed by an external expert, that in the foreseeable future will develop new or significantly improved products, services or processes compared to the state of the art in the sector concerned and involving a risk of technological or industrial failure;
c) Which have been awarded the Seal of excellence (Pilot initiative of the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 SME Instrument Programme).
Business activities admitted▪ Sustainable manufacturing;
▪ Aerospace;
▪ Capital goods;
▪ Transportation;
▪ Other manufacturing (Textiles and clothing, Furniture, Chemicals, etc.);
Human health and the environment;
▪ Agribusiness;
▪ Environment;
▪ Sustainable energy;
▪ Pharmaceutical;
▪ Medical and health Digital, creative and inclusive communities;
▪ Cultural industry;
▪ Social innovation.
Max funding amountThe total amount of the business project must be between €25,000 and €350,000, of which a maximum of €250,000.00 for investment costs and a maximum of €100,000.00 for operating costs
Eligible expensesThe following investment expenses are eligible for financing:
• Machinery, production plants and various equipment, furnishings;
• Expenses on intangible assets related to investments in software, technology transfer through the acquisition of exploitation licenses or patented or unpatented technical knowledge  
The operating expenses that can be financed are:  
• Employees, with a bond of subordination;
• Leasing of properties;
• Utilities;
• Insurance policies;
• Fees and subscriptions for access to databases, for software services, “cloud” services, information services, housing, Internet domain registration, search engine positioning services, purchase of space for Web Marketing campaigns, Keywords Advertising , Social, Brand Awareness and Reputation;
• Website customization services;
• Innovation consultancy services;
• Innovation support services;
• Consultancy services aimed at the ex novo adoption of an environmental management system, product certification, corporate social responsibility management and ethical-social reporting, compliant with international standards;
• Rental and setting up of the stand on the occasion of the first participation in a specialized fair.  
VAT, planning and promotional expenses, company establishment costs (notary, consultant, chamber of commerce expenses) are not eligible.
Facilitated Funding The benefit consists of:
– 80% of eligible investments, for an amount not exceeding € 200,000.00, divided into equal portions of grant and repayable loan;
– 80% of eligible operating expenses, in the form of a grant, for an amount not exceeding €80,000.00.  
Managing BodyPuglia Sviluppo 
Deadline for submissionThere are no deadlines as the measure is over the counter and funding can be requested until the available resources are exhausted.
Modality for submission
SubmissionApplications can be submitted exclusively online, via the web platform:
To submit the application, it is necessary to have a SPID identity, a digital signature and a certified mail address (PEC). The application consists of the entrepreneurial project to be completed online and the documentation to be attached, according to the forms on the site.
Evaluation ProcessApplications are evaluated in chronological order.
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