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Italy National Measures – Resto al Sud

Resto al Sud
ObjectiveThe measure supports the start-up of new entrepreneurial activities in the areas of southern Italy and in other specific territories.
TargetIndividuals aged between 18 and 55 (56 not completed) who:
• Are resident in Abruzzo, Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Molise, Puglia, Sardinia, Sicily, in the 116 Municipalities included in the seismic crater area of ​​Central Italy (Lazio, Marche Umbria), in the smaller islands of the Center-North, as well as in the lagoon and lake ones or transfer their residence to the aforementioned areas within 60 days (120 if resident abroad) from the positive outcome of the investigation
• Are not already owners of other business activities in operation as of 21 June 2017
• Who are not already beneficiaries of other national concessions for self-employment in the last three years.
• (For freelancers) Who do not have a VAT number, in the 12 months prior to the submission of the application, for carrying out an activity similar to that for which they are requesting benefits (Ateco code not identical up to the third classification digit of economic activities). The incentive is aimed at:
• Companies established after 21/06/2017
• Companies being established (the establishment must take place within 60 days – or 120 days in the case of residence abroad – from the positive outcome of the investigation).
Individuals in possession of a permanent employment relationship will have to resign in order to benefit from the loan.
Business activities admitted• Production of goods in the industrial, handicraft, processing of agricultural products, fishing and aquaculture sectors;
• The provision of services to businesses and individuals;
• Tourism;
• Business;
• Freelance activities (both individually and as a company).
Business activities not allowedAgricolture
Maximum funding amountEach applicant can receive a maximum loan of € 50,000.00. In the event that the request comes from several subjects, already established or being established, the maximum funding is equal to € 200,000.00. In the case of a sole proprietorship, the maximum funding is € 60,000.00.
Eligible expensesThe following investment costs are eligible:
• Interventions for the restructuring or extraordinary maintenance of real estate (maximum 30% of the spending program);
• New plants, equipment, machinery;
• Computer programs and TLC services (information and telecommunication; technologies).  
The following management costs for the start-up of the activity can be financed up to a maximum of 20% of the spending program:
• Raw materials and consumables;
• Rents;
• Utilities;
• Leasing fees;
• Insurance guarantees functional to the activity.
VAT, design and promotional costs, the costs of setting up the company (notary, consultant, chamber expenses), costs for consultancy and for employees are not eligible.
Facilities The benefits cover 100% of the costs and include:
– Non-repayable grant, equal to 50% of the spending program
– Interest-free bank loan equal to 50% of the spending program, granted by a credit institution that has joined the agreement between Invitalia and ABI, guaranteed by the Guarantee Fund for SMEs. The interest on the loan is covered by an interest subsidy. The bank loan must be repaid in 8 years, 2 of which are pre-amortization. Upon completion of the spending program with the request for the additional lost Fund balance equal to
• € 10,000.00 per shareholder;
• € 15,000.00 in the case of a sole proprietorship.
The concessions are provided on a de minimis basis.
Managing BodyInvitalia
Deadline for submissionThere are no deadlines as the measure is at one-stop and funding can be requested until the available resources are exhausted.
Modality for submissionThere are no calls, deadlines or rankings and funding can be requested until the available resources are exhausted.
SubmissionApplications can be sent exclusively online, through the Invitalia web platform. To submit the application it is necessary to have a SPID identity, a digital signature and a certified mail address (PEC). The application consists of the business project to be completed online and the documentation to be attached, according to the forms on the site.
Evaluation processApplications are evaluated in chronological order of arrival within 60 days of the submission date.
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