Reinforcing Med Microfinance Network System for Start-ups


The content of the booklet is one of the main outputs of the Rest@rt project realized by Federterziario. It aims to gather in a single document, through an operational slant, the main information on operational microfinance measures active in the partner countries of the project.

The work that allowed the definition of the booklet for microfinance operators was coordinated by Federterziario in collaboration with all the other partners.

To facilitate the work of reconnaissance and analysis of the main financing measures in the partner countries, Federterziario has prepared homogeneous survey forms to allow a rapid comparison of the different types of measure.

The survey form was agreed with the project coordination team and disseminated to the contacts of all the partners. In November all the forms were collected.

As far as Italy is concerned, it was decided to propose different types of measures with both a national and a regional focus, highlighting the national and regional measures which have been most successful or which have been identified as good practices.

The structure of the Booklet is broken down by partner country and for each partner country there is a brief description of the context and a technical focus that allows individual funding measures to be identified. The individual measures are summarized through a specific descriptive sheet.

Every chapter, dedicated to one country, will be introduced by an excel sheet which will function as a guideline for all the available funding, in order to provide a general picture of the projects implemented in the area. Below, you will find analytical datasheets related to each measure.

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