Reinforcing Med Microfinance Network System for Start-ups

ITALY REGIONAL MEASURES – Sicilia – Fainsicilia

ObjectiveSupport the creation of new businesses, allow the emergence of a new generation of entrepreneurs, especially young people, encourage the birth of innovative start-ups, promote forms of self-employment. The maximum investment is set at €300,000 Next publication  
TargetFare Impresa in Sicilia is aimed at young people aged between 18 and 40 who have a credible business project, which allows them to create a new business initiative, in the form of a micro-enterprise or small business. They can apply for funding:
– Anyone who intends to start a new business and has not yet set up the business;
– Companies established for less than 36 months.
Business activities admittedNew companies that operate mainly in the following sectors can be financed:
• Production of goods in the sectors of industry, handicrafts, transformation of agricultural products;
• Provision of services to businesses and individuals;
• Trade in goods and services, including franchising;
• Activities of the cultural chain, aimed at enhancing and using the cultural, environmental and landscape heritage and products and services for social innovation.
Max funding amount
Eligible expenses
Facilitated Funding – Property renovations (30% limit)
– Purchase of plant, machinery, equipment
– Software, know-how
– Specialist training (10% limit)
– Design costs
Managing BodyRegione Sicilia
Deadline for submissionUntil funds run out
Modality for submissionOver the counter. There are no tenders, deadlines or rankings and funding can be requested until the available resources are exhausted.
Evaluation Process
Further Info
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