Reinforcing Med Microfinance Network System for Start-ups

Target group and final beneficiaries

The main scope of ReSt@rts is to address the need of two main target groups:

1 – Usually non-bankable actors – especially women and young people between 18 and 40 years old – that are aspiring entrepreneurs, early stage and shadow businesses, or are eager to run their own enterprises.

70% of the working-age population in the Southern Med countries is under 30 years old. Would-be entrepreneurs face difficulties in accessing traditional finance usually because they do not meet the collateral requirements, have little or no credit history, weak business proposals, and in case of early-stage businesses have limited turnover.

Compared to their parents or grandparents, the Zero Generation faces a worsening of living standards. The 47% of current jobs are at risk of automation and digitalization by 2030. In this context, the Zero Generation’s new jobs paradigm goes beyond the concept of knowledge and competence, benign creativity, flexibility and social intelligence the future key skills for the digital economy. This information indicate a propensity for enterprising spirit, resourcefulness, and innovation.

The Project supports them in a full process toward their complete self-fulfillment and professional inclusion by adopting a bottom-up approach including both innovative training and peer to peer support to improve skills, capacities, and business attitude.

2 – Microfinance providers (business angels, Venture Capitalists, private and public financial institutions)

As key actors of the microfinance environment, they often face difficulties to realize their mission because of the lack of information about programmes they manage among potential beneficiaries; not-bankability of people and poor business proposals. The core group of microfinance providers of Med area have been identified in MEDSt@rts. The Project intends to overcome these difficulties by creating a strong network and related services to improve procedures.

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