Reinforcing Med Microfinance Network System for Start-ups

Cross Border Impact

Following a functionalist approach to cooperation, ReSt@rts aims to build up and sustain a strong cooperation among PPs, target audience and stakeholders, in order to share methods and tools on how to access to an objective, simple and impactful financing system and to support the start-up and growth of new businesses. In this view, sharing of resources and cooperation in the economic sector would create trust and progressive integration of Med people thanks to a spillover effect in other domains. Nowadays, MSMEs can be the actors of this process of rapprochement of people coming from different countries. PPs from EUMCs and MPCs will be supported in order to be in contact as much as possible with EU programmes and policies on entrepreneurship, allowing them to create transnational ecosystems for innovation by generating ideas, supporting enterprises and their growth, internationalization and network development. On the one hand, this will allow entrepreneurs coming from MPCs to get involved in EU’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. On the other hand, entrepreneurs coming from EUMCs will have the opportunity to discover new and growing markets in the neighboring countries. Increasing opportunities of exchange inside and outside the EU, ReSt@rts will enhance the competitiveness of MSMEs, will increase the possibility to detect international business opportunities in the Med region and beyond, and will develop a transnational ecosystem for supporting access to finance for MSMEs.

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