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Italy Regional Measures – Sicilia – Cluster Sicilia

Cluster sicilia
ObjectiveCLUSTER Sicily has foreseen the strengthening of the production districts, enhancing the aggregation capacity and strengthening the actions set out in Article 10 of the D.A. no. 163 of 20.02.2020. The initiative supports tangible and intangible investments for the benefit of the productive fabric of the individual districts, encouraging the development of specialization hubs and supporting business aggregation processes. The financial envelope is equal to 38.6 million euros:
– 35 million euros from FSC 2021/2027
– 3.6 million euros from the POC 2014/2020  
TargetThe consortia/consortium companies/cooperatives/business networks already established or newly established at the date of submission of the application, representing the productive district. The consortium/consortium company/cooperative/enterprise network, of each district, must be participated for at least 30% by the enterprises adhering to the District Development Pact.
Business activities admittedThe total eligible cost of the spending program must not be less than €200,000.00 and more than €1,800,000.00
Max funding amountThe non-repayable grant that can be awarded is equal to 90% of the total eligible cost of the spending program, pursuant to section 3.1 of the Temporary Framework and subsequent amendments and additions and art.54 of Legislative Decree 34/2020.
Eligible expensesThe proposed project must be aimed at realizing at least two of the following actions:
1. Investments for cooperation between enterprises of the district development pact (digital infrastructures, cluster business models, etc.) and cluster governance (cluster management, export manager, etc.);
2. Investments for logistic platforms and associated specialized services;
3. Marketing investments, for commercial actions (marketing plans, web portal, related specialized services) and for internationalization activities;
4. Brand creation/development;
5. Costs for quality certification;
6. Chain traceability systems using blockchain.
Facilitated Funding no. 22 manufacturing districts;
no. 1,805 companies involved The production districts with CLUSTER Sicily have planned investments for:
– The strengthening of cooperation between companies in the districts with investments in digital infrastructures and the introduction of business models that facilitate aggregation in clusters;
– Activation of product promotion and marketing initiatives with marketing actions also towards foreign markets;
– The creation of brands and the strengthening of the supply chain logic to reduce production costs and allow product traceability in order to increase the quality level of the productions.
Great attention was also paid to improving skills, especially digital, necessary for growth processes.
Managing BodyRegione Sicilia
Deadline for submissionUntil funds run out
Modality for submissionOver the counter. There are no tenders, deadlines or rankings and funding can be requested until the available resources are exhausted.
Submissionto be determined
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