Reinforcing Med Microfinance Network System for Start-ups

Announcing the agenda for ReSt@rts 1st Policy Awareness event on microfinance in Sfax, Tunisia

With the purpose of transferring project results to relevant stakeholders, the ReSt@rts project will conduct its first event with the participation of public institutions at the local, regional and EU levels. The Policy Awareness event will involve these institutions from the 6 partner countries (Italy, Palestine, Tunisia, Lebanon, Greece and Cyprus). The event is taking place on the 14th of December 2022, in Sfax, Tunisia.
The event’s Agenda focuses on 2 main components, other than the mandatory introduction and networking activities among its attendees, it will address the creation of the Microfinance Providers Association, and it will hold special thematic sessions by experts and professionals in the field across the Mediterranean region. 

The Microfinance Providers’ Association will be a long-lasting institutional tool aiming at strengthening and extending the microfinance network built in MEDSt@rts. The association aims to maintain a constructive dialogue on alternative ways to access finance and contribute to access to finance issues. Its purpose will be achieved by efforts from all signing members to provide expertise and advice on the project’s financing schemes. Moreover, by fostering mutual cooperation and best practice between partners and other external entities that provide support to alternative microfinance instruments. 

As for the second component of the agenda: Guest organisations’ sessions, the key topics that will be discussed by the expert stakeholders in the field are Policies and Programmes for funding enterprises, Support to entrepreneurship: networking and learning, and Innovation for fostering start-ups growth. These three topics will be led in 3 sessions by the professionals, managers and experts of organisations who work in the entrepreneurship sector, specifically business and microfinance support to the non-bankable youth and women.

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